Moscow News
January, 2002

        “The people of the West have begun to fade away”, states the controversial Pat Buchanan, the former presidential candidate, TV host and columnist in his new book which, quite understandably, is eliciting an array of responses, ranging from indignation to quiet approval. The book in question is straightforwardly titled “The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil our Country and Civilization”, and it has been hailed by some critics all over the Western world as one of the most important books published in our times. 
        In a nutshell, Buchanan warns that with the expiration of the present century, the West as we know it would also disappear and the white race, the pillar of the Western civilization, would be considerably outnumbered by its darker cohabitants of the planet. Citing UN based statistics, he proceeds to terrify the members of the “fair race” from America to Europe and Australia that by 2050, they will practically be at the mercy of those whom they conquered and colonized only several centuries ago: Africans, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians. To remedy this, as Buchanan believes, disastrous fact, the white race (or the West) must discard the politically correct horseshit and react in the most single-minded, aggressive manner. 
          America, for example, Buchanan suggests, must prohibit immigration of darker, non-Western peoples, retrieve the military which it strategically deployed all over the world, shut its gates and befriend and aid only those nations which share its “Christian” values and, most importantly, white skin. However, even amongst those there are exceptions: Russia, for instance, should not be made an ally because in several decades it will face a losing war with China and the Islamic world and America will not be able to afford to spill its blood in a losing battle. Russia must be sacrificed. 
As for the United States, it must order its white women to breed with the speed of rabbits in order to prove their patriotism. Otherwise, Buchanan figures, in fifty years America will have the “dubious” honor of being the first Western nation whose dominant culture will become a minority. The former president, Bill Clinton, does not think that the honor is necessarily dubious and, in fact, pronounced it to be a good thing. Buchanan and his cronies find nothing surprising in Clinton’s reaction: the latter, they emphasize, is the product of the sixties culture which with its liberal, humanistic ideals has ensured, among other things, that the “niggers” are allowed to get on the same bus with the white trash.
        Buchanan is right: the sixties were the only decade in the 20th century America that produced a generation who didn’t believe that the sole function of a human organism is digestive or reproductive. Those “blind idealistic sissies” allowed for a possibility that this earth and its riches could and should be shared more or less equally among its inhabitants. By taking the words from the Sermon on the Mount seriously and literally they de-Christianized America and the Western culture. 
         If Buchanan were to rewrite the Book, he would replace the tenet “Love Thy Neighbor” with “Kill Thy Neighbor” and attach the following footnote in bold print: especially if he is brown. Buchanan points out that “where Lenin’s revolution failed , the one that erupted on the campuses in the sixties succeeded” and won the hearts of the masses. He, however, fails to pinpoint that Lenin’s revolution which occurred forty years prior to the campus uprisings sparked the sentiment of rebellion against the American status-quo which waved the fat flag of unenlightened self-interest, i.e. the kind that oppresses and persecutes all that are not exactly like you. Besides, the popular phrase “enlightened self-interest” is an oxymoron, like a “just war”. 
           Buchanan, though officially ostracized from the American mainstream - the strategic elite - is, nevertheless, its only credible mouthpiece, for he is one of the very few that calls everything by its own name. He, like the softer-spoken strategic elite, wants to save his race and his “civilization” and, as a corollary, his own skin. And unlike the above mentioned members, he is their only Baptist warning of the oncoming doom. Buchanan does not engage in self-applauding phrases that have lately become trademark of every “red-blooded” American from its president to a fireman: “This is the greatest country in the world.” He flatly states that it is not but that it could be if it destroys and bans all signs of internationalism and pursues the Darwinian tactic of survival. 
          The Western civilization envisioned by Buchanan is not worth dying and killing for: his model is as insane and unenlightened as the one offered by the Taliban. The latter were widely criticized for destroying the ancient Buddha statues several years ago. Buchanan proposes the same: getting rid of the “abstract trash” currently called art and replacing it with the “golden nuggets” of the Puritan past; by getting rid of the modern American heroes, like Martin Luther King, whose stature the-still-racist America silently tolerates and replacing him with the likes of David Duke, the ex-Klansman who would not be president. 
         As for me, I am not that disheartened by the growing rate of population amongst the “darker” races. What nauseates me is that both the East and the West today are clinging to notions of destruction, death, cruelty and mutilation. Instead of attempting to envision a world where everyone, regardless of race or religion, could eat and die a natural death, we are to choose, paraphrasing Woody Allen, between the horrible and the miserable: the Islamic Nazism and the Secular (Christianized) Nazism. Those very rare solos that attempt to stray from the barbarian chorus and call for tolerance, sharing, non-violence, like the former president Clinton’s, are muted and dismissed as un-patriotic.
         The unfortunate fact is that the Buchanans and the Bin Ladens are the unvarnished representatives of the majority of world population – East and West alike; they are humanity’s lowest common denominator and as such, their words evoke more support and following than those spoken by mankind’s highest denominator, like Christ or Tolstoy. Unless a miracle occurs and then we return to the ideals propagated in the sixties, the very notion of Western survival is irrelevant because according to Darwin, the few and the weak become extinct with time. 
         At this stage of historical development the few and the weak is none other but the white race. Its only hope of survival at this point is to discard the ideals of selfishness upon which capitalism is based and to incorporate those of the easily dismissed principles of socialism that the West celebrated in defeating just a decade ago. Share the wealth and there is likely to be no more Talibans, stupid! – that should be the slogan of the next presidential election in this still-powerful democracy. Otherwise, what is the point of saving Western civilization if it ceases to be civilized? After all, not every stink that fights the ventilator is Don Quixote. 

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