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January, 2002

       The New Year is still in its infancy and yet its prospects are not even remotely consoling. George W. Bush - the most admired man in America, according to the Gallup poll - has made a disquieting prediction: he declared the year 2002 to be the Year of War. Judging by the reaction that the ongoing war has evoked in the hearts of the American people, Dubya has a chance to hold on to his laurels, provided he comes true on the above “promise”. 
       Presently, the Bush administration is in the process of picking out the next target to “democratize” now that it has succeeded in forcing the Taliban to finally change its head-dress. As Bin Laden and Mullah Muhammad Omar still remain on the loose, the world can be assured of one thing at least: a black turban, the first choice of the “real Talib” would, indeed, be a rare sight in Kabul. It is a guessing game which sovereign soil the tomahawk missile will visit next. Not unlike the popular “innie, minnie, meiny, moe”... 
       According to the controversial Pat Buchanan, the Presidential Candidate from Independent Party, TV host and columnist, America should make up its mind quickly because in less than fifty years, it will be a Third World country, unable to annihilate any nation within days if it chooses to do so. Buchanan, staying true to the acquired reputation of being a trouble-stirrer, politically incorrect tell-it-like-it-is guy, has just written a book whose title must have sent shivers up the spines of the Western ruling elite: The Death of the West. Relying upon the most recent UN population statistics and studies, he came to the conclusion that by the year 2050, only 10% of the world population will be of European descent. The other 90% will be comprised of the yellow and brown races. One third of Europe’s people will be over sixty and one in ten over 80. The white race, according to Buchanan, has opted for suicide and the method that it chose was not a nuclear destruction but something a bit whimpier: a birth control pill. And that is why by 2050, 23 million Germans will have disappeared along with 30 million Russians. 
          The latter, according to this gloomy prophet, will lose Siberia to China and Caucasus and Central Asia to the exploding Islamic nations, who are very keen on multiplying. The nations of Africa will reverse their history and start colonizing in their own turn. America will be swallowed up by the Hispanics and Asians who have already formed a nation within this nation. To put it shortly, the world as we know it today, will very soon come to an end burying with it our - Western, that is - culture, laws, lifestyle, civilization. 
          There have been noticeable attempts by the American establishment to suppress the controversy that such a book might rightfully cause. The conservative right is making every attempt to divorce itself from Buchanan and declare him a radical “nutcase” who’s got nothing to lose and therefore will sprout forth insanities. They are wrong: Buchanan is not nutcase. In fact, he is probably more gifted and serious than most leaders of the GOP. The left is being pitifully ridiculous when asked to reply to Buchanan’s “prophecies”: unable to counter any of his arguments, they simply declare in the nearsighted spirit of the times that America is the greatest country in the world and a melting pot to boot. 
Well, they are wrong as well: what Buchanan puts forth are no prophecies, they are raw facts and as for the melting pot, nothing has been melting there for a while. Throwing aside overused metaphors and political correctness which is usually correct at the cost of replacing the thorny reality with the blurry “wishful thinking”, Buchanan writes that the America’s immigrants, mostly Hispanics and Asians, are making absolutely no effort to dissolve their ingredients in the common soup kitchen of this country. They simply refuse to assimilate! How would Buchanan counteract? Refuse to accept them. Especially as, he adds, Mexico throws only its lowest of the low towards the gates of its northern neighbor. These “lowlifes”, according to Buchanan, must be immediately deported and those that do remain must be immersed and soaked in the “appreciation” of Western values. Start learning the English language, he suggests. 
          And then, what I wonder? Should the gentle white folk, drop birth control pills into the tequilas and sake shots of our darker neighbors while the Aryan nation spends the next fifty years copulating and popping out babies? And what about the remnants of the sixties counter culture, those white infidels who, according to Buchanan, are the real cause of America’s de-Christianization and demise? Should they be forcefully baptized and put away while the heroic and noble white gents run around the world peeing against every tree-post to mark their territory? The hare-krishna chanting of the cultural elite is irritating, I admit, but no more irritating or harmful than waving Confederate flags and glorifying the Puritan fathers who enslaved one race and annihilated another. 
Buchanan’s book is interesting because it is both brilliant and idiotic. Brilliant in its courage of putting forth raw facts, the ability now forgotten by most political commentators. And idiotic in its refusal to accept those facts and instead helplessly waving hands in order to save that which cannot be saved, namely the West as we know it. Pat Buchanan is no prophet. In fact, his solutions are mediocre and unoriginal. He is a true man of nature - that selfish, cruel entity which believes that only those that can adjust to it deserve to survive and flourish. 
         History goes through stages and cycles and artificial intervention, one already undertaken by the “gentle white race” in the 1930’s, does no good. Buchanan’s Death of the West is certainly noteworthy because it raises questions which it does not propose to answer, such as: does the West deserve to be saved? And if so, should it be done at any cost including that of donning the mask of a Darwinian Nazi sitting in each and every one of us in order to ensure that the “barbarian” credo of the East does not prevail? Is our survival worth a single drop of innocent blood that is inevitably going to be spilled if we answer positively? Or should we simply comply to exit gracefully and keep popping those pills? In the next couple of installments, I, as the “Western victim” would like to attempt to answer these questions. 

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